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Prayer Requests

"And Jesus told them a parable, to the effect that they ought to always pray and not lose heart." (Luke 18:1)

Please pray for these requests and if you have a prayer request, send it to fccpekin@grics.net 

- For First Christian to find a person who will be blest and a blessing in a ministry for infants and toddlers Sundays and Thursdays
- For Christians to be aware of each of those around us, to seek ways we can help them and us grow closer to God.
- For those who are currently having grief in their life journey.
- For all who are facing persecution today because of their faith in God.
- For those seeking jobs and having difficulty finding one.
- For those needing to find the way to freedom from financial problems.
- For those with mental disorders to find help and utilize it to have a high quality of life.
- For healing of those with Alzheimer's and a cure for the disease.
- For those with addictions and their families, to daily overcome addiction and its challenges.
- For police, firefighters, and EMT's  who serve for the benefit of every community.
- For those who serve in the United States Armed Forces for the defense of this nation.