Christian Care


     Christian Care seeks to carry out a ministry of caring and healing to all members in the congregation.


     Christian Care is a committee that reports as any other committee to the church board.

     There will be a minimum of nine (9) members with one (1) being a trustee.


     Christian Care is funded by an endowment.  The basic endowment cannot be used for expenses, only the interest.  

     In addition, donations to the operating fund help provide for the current expenses of Christian Care 

     and donations to the endowment help grow the endowment fund.

Our Staff:

     (Our parish nurse, Connie Julien, RN, on the left, visits Faye Waters in Faye's home.)

     Connie is here for the health and welfare of our congregation. 

·         Blood Pressure checks every third Sunday after first service,

·         Filling of medication dispensers as requested.

·         Being an advocate, especially for those members who do not have loved ones living in the area.

·         Transportation to physician visits when no family is available.

     Members can contact Michelle in the church office or Connie Julien for Christian Care assistance.